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Feeling Safe by William Bloom

feeling safe

This excellent book is subtitled How to be strong and positive in a changing world: it’s a short, practical primer on techniques to raise your personal resilience. William’s books inspire me by their skill in presenting ideas which are potentially complex or strange, in common sense mainstream language.  Here, he explores the physiology of resilience, […]

Great Dream: Ten Keys to Happier Living

This is published by Action for Happiness, probably the biggest UK network focussed on happiness.  It may be stretching things to call it a book; it’s a 28-page free download from their website, Along with the ten keys, all helpful, the book suggests ways to use them, for example creating a local group, or […]

A hand-made easel, a mango tree, and a goat: resilience training in rural Ethiopia

A hand-made easel, a mango tree, and a goat: resilience training in rural Ethiopia: I feel so honoured and touched that this flipchart easel has been hand-made locally for me: square section steel, painted grey, with a big panel of wood bolted to its front. Its two coat hooks just about fit with the brass […]

Cracking resilience problems on Eigg

Eigg is a small island in the Hebrides: five miles by three, with 100 inhabitants.  Try adding to your resilience challenges: harsh climate, high transport costs, poor soil, and … a series of despotic landlords. However the gift was in the problem: the despots provoked Eigg’s people into creating the first community land buyout in […]