Exploring the Soul’s Journey

Life is becoming more uncertain for all of us, and the future outlook may feel bewildering. Maybe this calls for a different way of navigating the mysteries, such as the idea of the Soul’s journey.

It can be illuminating to imagine that we have a soul which exists before us and chooses this human lifetime, and the family we’re born into, to provide experiences and learning which it needs.  Believing that the challenges in our life have a positive purpose has helped me hugely, and stops me feeling like a victim of circumstances.  However, finding the positive aspect can be tricky! 

Does some part of us have a life of its own, before and after our time in a human body?  If we call this our soul, why did it choose to experience life through us?  Can it give us some guidance, for this life and beyond?  How can we hear its voice?  I’ve found these questions increasingly juicy and helpful in recent years, and this section shares some of what I’ve learned in this exploration.

  • Describing the Soul’s Journey: The most clear and convincing account I’ve found is in the book Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton: see my blog on the book here. It’s based on sessions with over 300 of his hypnotherapy clients, giving very similar, independent descriptions.
  • Soul Dialogue: For several years, I’ve been having conversations with my soul, and getting a lot of guidance about my life purpose, and how to respond to bewildering situations, both personal and larger, like the climate crisis. However, starting such a dialogue takes time. For some tips on this, see my blog.
  • Soul Groups: I agree with Michael Newton’s belief that individual souls in a human body are part of soul clusters which share their journey over hundreds of years and many lifetimes. These groups typically include some souls in incarnation, and some not. It may be possible to contact these other souls, or the collective wisdom of the group, to support your journey. These clusters have a shared focus of some kind, such as planetary service or healing.
  • Soul Guides: My experience supports Michael Newton’s view that soul clusters, and the individual souls within them, have a mentor who guides and supports them across many centuries and lifetimes. The mentor will help a soul choose the purpose of its next human (or other) incarnation, and review with it after death. It may be possible to contact your mentor during your time here on Earth: see my blog for more tips on this.
  • Threshold or Dead End? Exploring the soul’s journey naturally leads us to consider death more closely, and to explore whether it is a transition, part of a much longer journey, or the end of everything. No one can know, but we can draw clues from near-death experiences, and teachings like the Tibetan Book of the Dead. My favourite description of the afterlife, the one I find most convincing and encouraging, is the book Testimony of Light: for my blog on it, click here. It was dictated by a nun, some months after her death, to a fellow nun and friend.
  • Collective Exploration: understanding my soul’s journey has become increasingly important for me over the past ten years, and I’ve found that work in groups can help a lot. It seems that there’s a collective depth of perception, scope to share and spark insights – perhaps because soul groups are so key to the growth of individual souls. I have co-led workshop groups, and been part of ongoing soul sharing groups. If you are interested in this idea, please contact me, and I’ll let you know if I’m planning such an event. This blog shares some experiences from a weekend group, to give you a flavour.
  • Resources Guide: These are some of the books and other sources I’ve found useful: click here.

For more about the Soul’s journey, see Alan’s new website: www.soulresilience.net.