Nature Wisdom

At age 42, I dropped out of my successful business career and followed an intuition to start an organic farm as an education centre where young people could find their roots and direction. Amazingly, it’s still going strong: see more here.

Creating a 130-acre organic farm, with no farming experience, proved a massive education for me, and transformed my relationship with Nature. Instead of seeing it as a nice place to be, I gradually realised that Nature is a subtle, complex organism, full of intelligence, which should be engaged with respectfully.

I now believe that cultivated natural ecosystems are a powerful guide to help people to nourish human nature, and grow our wellbeing and resilience. For example, by composting our stress, using crop rotation cycles to avoid burnout, and adapting the co-creative skills that organic cultivators depend on.

My latest book, Natural Happiness: Use Organic Gardening Skills to Cultivate Yourself, explores these ideas fully, with self-guided processes so that you can apply them for yourself. It also shares the various ways that I have discovered to access the wisdom of Nature, such as talking with trees, and attuning with devas.

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