Sufi Wisdom

Sufi Wisdom

Sufi wisdom has been a great source of joy, insight and steadiness for me for over twenty years. In essence, what the Sufi path gives me is a focus on love, on opening the heart, and feeling divine unity and radiance in all forms of life.

If the word Sufi for you connects with medieval Persian poets like Rumi and Hafiz, that’s a good thread to follow. They will show you the Sufis’ love of Nature, earthly delights, and quirky angles on life: all these can lead us back to our longing for reconnection with the divine source we came from.

The Sufi path resists definition: it’s not a religion, there’s no guru, creed, or temples. There are many different aspects and forms of Sufism: this is explored further in my Introduction blog.

If you feel drawn to explore Sufi wisdom, the key is to experience it, not just read about it. Sound plays a big part: sacred phrases, sound mantras, chants. Also music and forms of movement, such as dance, whirling, and body prayer. My Introduction offers ways to start your exploration. Enjoy the adventure!

The stakes are high for real prayer.
You must gamble your self
and be willing to lose.
When you have done this,
and your self shakes off
what you believed your self to be,
then no prayer remains,
only a sparkle of the eyes.
Knower and known are one.

By Mahmud Shabistari, Persia, 13th century, trans. Neil Douglas Klotz

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