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Seven kinds of community

You and your communities  If you define community quite widely, you are probably part of several. This briefing can help you assess the groups you’re in, and how well they fit your needs. I’ve listed seven kinds of community: as you read this, review how many of these you’re involved in. In some cases, you […]

To raise your wellbeing, learn from extremes

Insights from a Woodland Resilience Immersion for GP’s  This is embarrassing for me to admit as a resilience expert, but I have been struggling to sustain my own wellbeing and morale in recent months. The combination of huge, apparently insoluble problems on the climate change and political fronts has really ground me down. However, I came back […]

Front-line extreme: natural resilience for junior hospital doctors

Of all the front-line services we depend on, hospitals are among the most crucial, and a large hospital will have several hundred junior doctors. These are young men and women, from mid-twenties into thirties. They start right out of university, and the first two years are the Foundation phase. An amazing 30% of junior doctors […]

Sufi Wisdom: an introduction

Listen to this story:When the soul left the body,it was stopped by Godat heaven’s gates:“You have returned just as you left!Life is a blessing of opportunity: Where are the bumps and scratchesleft by the journey?” Poem by Rumi, translation Neil Douglas-Klotz A few people are seeking a spiritual thread to help them find meaning and […]