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Sufi Wisdom: an introduction

Listen to this story:When the soul left the body,it was stopped by Godat heaven’s gates:“You have returned just as you left!Life is a blessing of opportunity: Where are the bumps and scratchesleft by the journey?” Poem by Rumi, translation Neil Douglas-Klotz A few people are seeking a spiritual thread to help them find meaning and […]

A Sufi View of Climate Change

I’ve been exploring Sufi spiritual teachings for over twenty years, and felt it might be useful to explain how these help me to live with and respond to the climate crisis. My sense is that a spiritual path and practices can help a lot in this process. So what do I mean by Sufi? It’s […]

Exploring the Soul’s Journey: Resource List

A         MAIN SOURCE BOOKS Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. A detailed description, built from hypnotherapy sessions with over 300 clients reporting broadly the same experience. Describes stages in soul development, soul groups and mentors, how a soul chooses a human incarnation, and how it is reviewed after death. Fascinating and inspiring! Testimony of Light […]

Befriending your soul: starting a dialogue


There was a time around age 40 when I felt that the interest of life was thinning out: friends from early adulthood were drifting away, my kids were turning into grumpy teenagers, work challenges became samey. However, now I’m in my early seventies, I’ve seen my life getting progressively more interesting for many years. One […]

The spirit of the Sahara

Picture this scene: you are standing atop a sand dune in the Sahara, in a 360-degree panorama of utter vastness and silence. You face west, watching the sunset, the sky a blaze of orange, blue and red. You turn to face east: just as the sun sets, the full moon rises above the rim of […]

Desert Wisdom: the book and the nomads

Desert Wisdom is not a formal category, or a defined body of religious doctrine, but it is a useful name for a large, diverse body of teachings which share many qualities.  The deserts of the Middle East have been the inspiration for many great spiritual teachings, notably Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Sufi.  The culture of […]