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Feeling Safe by William Bloom

feeling safe

This excellent book is subtitled How to be strong and positive in a changing world: it’s a short, practical primer on techniques to raise your personal resilience. William’s books inspire me by their skill in presenting ideas which are potentially complex or strange, in common sense mainstream language.  Here, he explores the physiology of resilience, […]

A hand-made easel, a mango tree, and a goat: resilience training in rural Ethiopia

A hand-made easel, a mango tree, and a goat: resilience training in rural Ethiopia: I feel so honoured and touched that this flipchart easel has been hand-made locally for me: square section steel, painted grey, with a big panel of wood bolted to its front. Its two coat hooks just about fit with the brass […]

New ideas of progress: circles and tones

The idea that progress is always linear, forward and upward, has long been questionable.  In recent years, many economic observers have declared that even stable living standards should be seen as an achievement. Recently, I found myself pondering different models of how progress can be recognised: we urgently need these as the conventional linear ones […]

Positive change: is food renaissance the key?

Colin Tudge thinks big, positive and practical.  His main expertise is in food and farming: he helped start the Campaign for Real Farming, whose annual conference is now bigger than the NFU’s.  His ideas for positive change could be a blueprint for many other sectors too. I heard Colin speak recently at a session hosted […]

Refugees, Reporting, and Resilience

The recent weeks have seen a fascinating shift in both the UK Government policy and public opinion about the refugee crisis (or migrant flood, as some have called it).  If you doubt the role of emotion in these matters, look at the effect the pictures of one drowned boy have had. For months, the media […]