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Refugees, Reporting, and Resilience

The recent weeks have seen a fascinating shift in both the UK Government policy and public opinion about the refugee crisis (or migrant flood, as some have called it).  If you doubt the role of emotion in these matters, look at the effect the pictures of one drowned boy have had. For months, the media […]

Pilgrim Without Map or Boots – New lifeskills for uncertain times

I aim to have a retreat time of 3 – 4 days every quarter: it’s a good way to rest, renew, and review my direction. This time, I’m doing a self-guided retreat at the Northumbria Community, a centre in rural mid-Northumberland, inspired by the Celtic Christian monasteries which once flourished in this area. A spiritual […]

Resilience insights from Fukushima, Japan

By Debbie Warrener I am blessed with strong connections with the wonderful country of Japan. I previously lived there for four years and speak reasonably fluent Japanese. It was therefore an enormous and humbling privilege to be asked to participate in a ‘Learning Journey’ to Fukushima this past November. A small group of us travelled […]

Resilience: a Glasgow Conversation

Resilience: a Glasgow Conversation – The Centre for Human Ecology in Scotland has been a trailblazer in exploring human sustainability and resilience for many years, so I was pleased to be invited as co-lead for this evening in Glasgow for them recently. The discussion we sparked was lively, well informed and involved twenty of us. […]

Workshop: The Natural Roots of Resilience: wisdom from the wood

Event: The Natural Roots of Resilience: wisdom from the wood – a retreat at Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury Resilience is the skills to nurture our wellbeing amid the rising levels of change and uncertainty that most of us face in everyday life. This weekend we’ll explore the roots of resilience in human nature: how […]