TOOLKIT: Cultivation Cycle Checklist

In gardens, farms and forests, each stage of the cultivation cycle is important, and the same will often be true for your work and life generally.  Most of us tend to focus too much on a few stages of this cycle, and neglect others.  This checklist can also be helpful in looking at how a whole group approaches things, such as a work team or community organisation.

Give each item a rating from 0 – total neglect, through 5 – balance, to 10 – major overemphasis

Ground preparation: planning, nurturing the starting phase
Seeding: using creativity
Weeding: learning through problems, maintaining clarity
Feeding: raising momentum by support, vision, and appreciation
Fun: enjoying, celebrating, enabling enthusiasm to produce growth
Harvesting: completion, reaping full benefits, storing the fruits
Review: drawing out the learning and appreciating people
Maintaining: preparing/renewing/pruning for future growth
Rest: yes, rest!

Use this checklist to appreciate the stages in the cycle which you or a group do well, and to highlight stages where you would benefit from more attention.

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