Do you ever feel that daily life is too complex, uncertain, hard to figure out? Wisdom is the wider, deeper insights that can help us to stay centred, find perspectives, and see our way forward. Wisdom can come from many sources, including our own intuition, spiritual teachers, and the natural world.

Old Wisdom for New Futures explores the guidance we can find for these current turbulent times from Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and other great teachers. This includes the idea that creation is an ongoing process, in which each of us has a valuable part to play.

Growing older hopefully means growing wiser too, and here you can find resources for creative ageing and men beyond 50.

Desert Wisdom shares some of the experiences and beautiful images from the several retreats in the Tunisian Sahara with camels and Bedouin guides, which Alan led between 2000 and 2012.

Woodlands can also be a great source of wisdom, and Hazel Hill Wood which has been run as a conservation woodland by Alan Heeks since 1992, has been a great source of wisdom and renewal for many people.