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Natural Happiness – the Gardener’s Way

Saturday October 1st, Bridport, West Dorset – with Alan Heeks

Would you like better ways to stay positive amid the pressures of daily life and work?  Imagine cultivating your human nature as a gardener tends a garden: that’s the idea we’ll explore in this one-day workshop, using a 1-acre garden as our live teaching model.

Alan has many years’ experience exploring how people can grow their own wellbeing and resilience by learning from cultivated organic ecosystems, like gardens and farms.  Here are some examples:

–            Using sustainable energy sources, that don’t deplete your reserves

–            ‘Composting’ stress and problems into fertility for future growth

–            Co-creativity skills to balance your aims and the realities of the situation

These approaches are relevant for individuals, communities, and work organisations.  They are the focus for Alan’s planned third book: see more at

Alan Heeks: has many years’ experience of exploring natural systems as a model for people’s happiness and resilience, including setting up Hazel Hill Wood near Salisbury and Magdalen Farm near Bridport.

Wisdom Tree:  Alan is part of this small team offering resilience skills for individuals, work teams and communities.  See

Venue: Our venue is Lynchetts, a spacious old house with delightful one-acre garden, which Alan and Linda have renovated since 2011.

Timing: From 10am – 5pm, with bring and share lunch

Cost: £45, concessions £35

Booking: For enquiries and bookings, contact Alan: Email: or Tel: 07976 602 787

Finding yourself in the woods:  A men’s weekend at Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury: Friday September 2nd 7pm – Sunday September 4th 2pm

HHW Sun through treesThis is an invitation to relax, renew and explore in the company of men, and the magical setting of this 70-acre wood.  The talents of the group and the wisdom of the wood offer a stage on which we can explore shared themes or personal situations as we want, through a range of approaches, and just being here.

In this very different setting, out on the land with a campfire, there’s scope to meet new aspects of yourself, find the subtler voices and the deeper melody, change an old story, play a new part, and hear the collective wisdom of the group.  Several Shakespeare plays use the forest as a place to find your true values, and this wood can help us explore male archetypes in the play of life. Click here for Hazel Hill Wood EVENTS and here for For more info and FLYER click here..

Natural Happiness: the roots of resilience: A weekend designed to help you feel renewed, April 22-24 2016, Hazel Hill Wood, Wiltshire

How can we stay happy and fulfilled in our life and work in the midst of change and uncertainty? What can we learn from nature about deepening our resilience so that daily demands don’t deplete us?

This week-end we’ll be exploring these questions in the magical setting of a 70 acre wood in full spring. The first aim is to slow down, relax and be nourished. As we deepen into peace and simple presence, the heart of mindfulness, we’ll then explore how our sense of community can grow to include the collective wisdom of nature and the ‘more than human’ world as well as people. See more at

If you are interested in this event, click here for booking details and further information.


Click here to see Alan’s swerve video, on resilience and the events he is holding in 2015.

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