Community Resilience

In these times, there is a great opportunity and need for communities to cooperate more closely to raise their resilience and sustain their quality of life. In many cases these will be communities living in the same physical locality, but it can also be communities who share a faith or other important values.

This need and opportunity is becoming greater as we all face pressures which government (local, national and international) cannot fully protect us from. These include the impacts of climate change, rising prices and potential supply problems for food and other resources, and service cuts.

Facing the 2020s is a non-profit research and communications project started by Alan Heeks in 2011, which aims to increase our understanding of the pressures ahead, and promote the best ways to meet them positively. Living in a sustainable community, such as a cohousing neighbourhood, enables you to share resources and support with others, and to enjoy a better quality if life with less money and less environmental impact. You can read more about specific cohousing projects which Alan is involved in here. For more general information on cohousing and ecovillages, click here.