Can we raise our resilience to stay happy in a rather crazy world?

Hazel Hill Wood

Answers to these questions are complex, but there is a simple guiding thread: to apply the principles of natural organic growth, resilience and sustainable development to all aspects of our situation, to the way we live and work, and to our environment.  This has led to my new website and planned third book on Natural Happiness.

Personal Resilience is in my view a crucial skill for all of us, so the focus of my work is Wisdom Tree, a team offering resilience and wellbeing programmes for individuals and work organisations.

Through this website, you can see more about personal resilience events, my blogresources, and my work on community resilience.

The Wisdom section of this website includes a blog; information about spiritual sources of resilience; material about creative ageing, my book and other resources for men beyond 50; and pictures and writing about Desert Wisdom and the retreats I led in the Tunisian Sahara.

This site is both an introduction to my projects, events and writings and a gateway to other contacts and resources on this. Your suggestions are deeply welcome.

Alan Heeks